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SDASW ZNX-F water fertilizer integrated machine

It applies to precision planting and large-scale irrigation area management.

·         It has a wide range of applications and can meet most of the existing irrigation system schemes in the world. It applies to precision planting and large-scale irrigation area management. It can adopt a variety of valve control modes, multi-wire, bus decoding, wireless RTU, etc. It has a built-in professional version of water and fertilizer integration crop management system to realize multi-task planning, custom grouping management of irrigation area, fertilization formula setting, precise fertilization control, backwash filter control, external equipment linkage, intelligent decision-making, inquiry of work record and monitoring data, remote monitoring of mobile phone and PC terminal, etc. It fully meets the usage requirements and ideas of planting experts and senior agronomists to crop management, and truly achieves the purpose of scientifically managing crop cultivation. It can access the Internet of Things cloud platform for data application and monitoring management.

·         Technical parameter:

·         Size: 80*75*150cm

·         Operating voltage: 220/380V

·         Motor power: 1.5KW (optional)

·         Number of fertilizer suction channel: 4

·         Fertilizer suction amount: 160L/H/ single channel (optional)

·         Valve control mode:

1.     Dual-line decoding; 2. Multi-line control; 3.wireless control (select one in three)

·         Functions and characteristics:

·         Operation experience:    

·         It has a (10-inch) HD touch screen and a human-machine interactive interface in Chinese. The operation condition of the whole irrigation system can be grasped through one homepage;

·         Security: passwords can be customized by controlling permission settings to effectively prevent external interference in the long-term self-running state of equipment;

·         Expert planting mode: 16 irrigation and fertilization programs can be edited, 8 fertilization formulas can be customized, and 10 appointment task plans can be made. You can manage crops scientifically according to the agronomist’s planting thinking.

·         Valve management system: valve combination and rotation irrigation sequence in different irrigation areas can be customized.

·         Humanized settings: the name of irrigation areas and irrigation programs can be customized to facilitate the operator’s identification and invocation.

·         Field valve control: multi-line control mode can control 12 solenoid valves, bus control and wireless control mode can control 64 solenoid valves, and can extend to 128 solenoid valves at most.

·         Intelligent control: It can carry out precise adjustment and real-time online adjustment according to EC/PH and water-fertilizer ratio to achieve precise fertilizer distribution and precise fertilizer control.

·         External equipment control: it can carry out automatic flush control to filter equipment and realize linkage control of internal equipment in the greenhouse.

·         It supports function extension and customization;

·         It supports the remote operation of the mobile phone terminal and computer terminal.





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