Don't be fooled again, drip irrigation is not water and fertilizer integration, this is!

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Don't be fooled again, drip irrigation is not water and fertilizer integration, this is!
Sep 10,2019

Whether it is a greenhouse, land contracting, or planting in its orchard, I believe that I have heard of water and fertilizer integration. Many people feel that installing a drip irrigation system and planting it is to enter the water and fertilizer integration model. no! The real integration of water and fertilizer is not finished with drip irrigation!

  Then what is the integration of water and fertilizer, water and fertilizer integration must meet the following three conditions:

1. Automatically control irrigation and fertilization, saving labor costs!

   The main function of the integrated water and fertilizer system is irrigation and fertilization. The control of irrigation and fertilization by water and fertilizer integration should be controlled by the soil data monitored by the corresponding sensors, such as the monitoring of soil moisture sensors to control irrigation. Monitoring of soil NPK sensors to control fertilization! The specific principle is that the soil moisture data monitored by the soil moisture sensor is transmitted to the back-end system through wireless transmission. When the background system receives the soil moisture below the set value, the system can automatically open the irrigation system! Fertilization is the same principle!


2, must be able to save water, rational fertilization, effectively improve the crop environment, improve crop quality and yield!



   According to statistics, the utilization rate of traditional irrigation water is only between 30% and 40%. The use of water and fertilizer integrated systems can increase the utilization rate of irrigation water to over 90%, effectively reducing the waste of irrigation water. Monitoring the soil by sensors, irrigation and fertilization have dependable data to make irrigation and fertilization more reasonable and timely, ensuring the moisture and nutrients needed for crop growth! Improve the growing environment of crops, thereby improving the quality and yield of crops.

3, there is the Internet of Things monitoring, mobile phone monitoring!

   The water and fertilizer integrated system have visual background management. The user can visually see the soil data monitored by the sensor in the background, including soil temperature, humidity, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The data of the platform can be docked through the mobile phone. You can observe the environmental conditions of crops in real-time on your mobile phone! Remote control of irrigation and fertilization can also be achieved on mobile phones, greatly increasing the efficiency of planting!


   The real integration of water and fertilizer is to meet the above three conditions. It is not just to install a drip irrigation equipment, or to be a sprinkler irrigation equipment. It is considered to be integrated with water and fertilizer. The integrated water and fertilizer system need to be automated, water-saving and Real-time monitoring of the Internet of Things as one! For the information on the environmental factors of crops grown, you can know them at any time and anywhere, and timely control and take measures. Users can manage them and control them thousands of miles away. It is the core of water and fertilizer integration!

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