Effectively increase crop yield, scientific fertilization is king

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Effectively increase crop yield, scientific fertilization is king
Sep 08,2019

With the improvement of farmers' cognitive level, more and more people realize that scientific and rational fertilization methods can help to improve the production capacity of the field. Why is the more fertilizer used, the more the output will not go up? In a word, it is because the soil is "sick"!

Excessive fertilization has caused the land to be devastated and bruised. The soil has deteriorated, and at the same time, organic fertilizers are seriously deficient, and soil organic matter is also extremely scarce!



Fertilizer abuse has three major adverse effects on crop growth:

One is easy to fall.

The abuse of chemical fertilizers leads to the hardening of soil compaction, which is not conducive to the development of plant roots, which is easy to cause lodging. Once the lodging occurs, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in grain production.

The other is prone to pests and diseases.

Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer will weaken the ability of crops to resist pests and diseases, be vulnerable to pests and diseases, and then increase the number of pesticides used to eliminate pests and diseases, directly threatening the safety of food.

The last is to cause soil degradation.

It causes changes in soil acidity. Calcium superphosphate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and the like are all bio-acidic fertilizers, which is after the plant absorbs the nutrients in the fertilizer, the hydrogen ions in the soil increase, which easily causes soil acidification.

Long-term application of chemical fertilizers in large quantities, especially in the case of continuous application of a single variety of fertilizers, can occur in a short time. Soil acidification can lead to the release of toxic substances, or increase the toxicity of toxic substances, and have adverse effects on organisms. Soil acidification can also dissolve some nutrients in the soil. Under the action of rainfall and irrigation, it can infiltrate and replenish groundwater, causing the loss of nutrients, causing soil depletion and affecting crop growth.


The intelligent water and fertilizer integrated machine produced by Shengda Pipe Industry uses the pressure system to pass the soluble solid or liquid fertilizer according to the soil nutrient content and the fertilizer requirements and characteristics of the crop type. Control the pipeline system to supply water to fertilizer, so that the water and fertilizer can be blended, through the pipe and dripper to form drip irrigation, uniform, timing, quantitative, invasive crop root development; crops need different water in different growing seasons, need fertilizer rules for different growth period needs design The water and nutrients are regularly quantified and supplied directly to the crops in proportion.



Compared with previous fertilization and irrigation methods, water and fertilizer integration technology have the following advantages:


The average improvement of water and fertilizer

Scientific matching, reasonable irrigation, can be supplied at any time according to the law of crop water demand and fertilizer, to ensure balanced crop absorption.

Save water and fertilizer, save time and labor

Based on soil testing and formula fertilization, according to the fertilizer requirement law of different growth stages of crops, the fertilizer is first dissolved into a suitable concentration of the aqueous solution, and the method of regular, quantitative and directed fertilization is adopted, in addition to reducing the volatilization and loss of fertilizer. In addition to the fixation of nutrients in the soil, concentrated fertilization and balanced fertilization are achieved.

It is helpful to reduce pests and diseases.

The water and fertilizer integration technology help to regulate the humidity in the field and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. It also has a good control effect on soil-borne diseases (xanthosis, blight, etc., which will spread with running water).

Temperature control debugging

The traditional furrow irrigation will cause soil compaction and poor permeability. The root system of the crop is in the anoxic state, causing the rooting phenomenon. The use of drip irrigation avoids problems such as crop roots and yellow leaves caused by excessive watering.

Save land and increase production.

Water and fertilizer integration in the field can eliminate the use of rafts and canals, and the land utilization rate can be increased by 5%-15%. At the same time, it can improve the quality of machine collection and reduce harvest losses. Through experiments, compared with conventional techniques, the use of water and fertilizer integration technology has shown significant yield increase.

Shandong Shengda Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional system solution provider integrating research, development, production, and sales of water-saving irrigation materials; project engineering planning, design, construction, and service. It is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with a large scale, complete varieties, and a highly comprehensive technology level, pursuing intelligence, high efficiency, and ecology. The main business and business scope include: research and implementation of water and fertilizer integration and modern agricultural technology; wisdom agriculture, farmland information control, information greenhouse remote control, agricultural Internet of Things technology research promotion and implementation; land management, ecological restoration, pollution prevention technology Research promotion and implementation; research and development, promotion and implementation of new models for water-saving new products, new technologies and water-saving projects.

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